18.Marc Gervais(non-registered)
I have only just discovered this master.
Master at lighting, master at visualising the image he seeks, master when use the simplest of backgrounds and master at choosing stunning models on whom to work his mastery!
I am so in admiration of his work.
Long may he continue to enthralling and delight.
17.Matthew Barbu(non-registered)
Joem is a man of passion, it is easy to see when looking through his work. His eye behind the lens delivers art work worth while. Always keeps him self professional, he is easy to work with. Open to new ideas and willing to try things and take chances, he will bring out the best in you. Its no surprise when you see him around at all the A-list events, smiling and working his magic.

Joem is a true master of his craft, an honor to work with, and a blessing as a person!
16.Nicholas L Myers(non-registered)
Joem brings out the best with exceptional ease.

He is beyond fun to work with, and made my beginner experience invigorating! I was on an emotional high for several days after shooting.

It's very clear Jeom loves his vocation. That love made me feel like a moviestar!

Looking forward to the next shoot!
15.Andrew Morley(non-registered)
Joem Bayawa is a classy photographer and a pleasure to work with. He has a unique eye for bringing out the beauty in his subjects, and does so in a fun and relaxed way. We made some great work, and I can't wait to work with him again!
14.Andrew B. Sanders(non-registered)
Cold Hard Talent.

A Debutant of Fashion.

Throws down the gauntlet on what can and what cannot be done and decides for himself. With Joem Bayawa Photography, every hue and tone matters, and every tint and shade fits.

Joem captures that rare, golden image of yourself to illuminate a feeling you have but words haven't the talent to describe.
13.Michael Pack(non-registered)
Joem is one of the most talented photographers I've ever worked with in my 8 year modeling career. When I was living in Michigan I would take the 5 hour train ride just to see him and get all my portfolio work. If you are a up and coming model I highly recommend you shoot with Joem he will be a huge positive influence to your career!!!
12.David Turner(non-registered)
What can I say about Joem, one thing stands out about him and that's his ability to shine behind the camera. He's one cool dude to shoot with, till next time friend :)
11.Armand B. Frasco(non-registered)
Beautiful and inspiring showcase of your passion and hard work. I am truly proud to have witnessed your journey and wish you all the best.
10.Rick Puckett(non-registered)
Love your Photography. You inspire me to be a better photographer.
Stunning images! You are truly a remarkable artist!
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